What The Philanthropy Lab does

The Philanthropy Lab is an accelerator for people with commercial ideas that solve social challenges, or reduce social or environmental ills. We approach social ideas with commercial acumen, expertise and strategic advice to help professionalise, scale and profit. We also back our own ideas and put teams together to make them happen.

What That Means:


The Philanthropy Lab makes business ideas real through mentorship, strategic development and networking.

We provide access to a global network of contacts in finance, philanthropy, development and government.


We take innovative ideas and assemble key personnel to make them an operational reality. We match founders with our network and help recruit, incentivise and motivate the people who are capable of taking businesses to the next level.

We offer access to our founding partners, and use our exceptional experience in finance, tech and social innovation to help rationalise, build and scale your business.


We’ll introduce you to the right people: digital experts who will help develop, build, analyse and critique your ideas; investors or key personnel who can help operate and scale your business idea.

At The Philanthropy Lab, we protect your interests by using our experience to negotiate sensible terms and better outcomes.


We’ll challenge and hone your ideas to help rationalise your strategic positioning and project development.

The Philanthropy Lab inject cash from our own funds or raise money from third party investors.

What The Philanthropy Lab are looking for:

Early stage businesses with founders looking for help to scale and professionalise.

People with a track record of adding value to businesses who would now like to take equity stakes in early stage business ideas under the guidance of established entrepreneurs.


Our investments typically require early stage funding to build to MVP and prove principle. We believe that we should scale or fail quickly, and as such our projects are typically boot strapped, highly efficient and relatively low cost to bring to market and test. We also seek partnerships with philanthropic investors who share our view that well run, tech driven models are the catalyst for true and sustainable change in the developing world. We have a number of socially beneficial opportunities that require subsidy to support critical mass in nascent markets. If you would like to know more about partnering with us on these projects please contact us.

What The Philanthropy Lab have to offer

Mentorship | Investment | 3rd party fundraising | Strategic development | Networking | Team creation | Scale

We are not a volume business. We take on small numbers of exceptional ideas that are both socially motivated and profit driven and stick with them. If you believe you have an idea for an efficient business model that can articulate distinct competitive advantages, with a clear and simple route to market, then talk to us.

Who We Are

The Philanthropy Lab brings together experience and knowledge from across the worlds of sustainable development, social investing and digital technology, and entrepreneurship.

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